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The Mission

K12schoolsindia is a non-governement organisation, formed with the purpose of promoting  the developement of a strong and independent core.


The organisation aims at being a centre for educational institutions and individuals seeking to benefit  from the provision of exceptional and accessible professional guidance based on a vast archive of authentic resources and information .


In the interest of a common goal towards national developement and to foster and support a common policy of education , it is important to:


  • Further analyse and  initiate solutions for educational problems and  timely issues of concern to schools.
  • Research and circulate authentic useful and necessary information
  • Provide consultancy and guidance based on this indepth reasearch  to it’s valued members .
  • Help  improve the leadership and management skills in  institutions .


Today , with the urgent need for connectedness and networking  , we feel the need for greater intereaction between institutions , so that schools do not feel fragmented and benefit from the solidarity that this centre envisages .


By examining current activites and main issues concerning it’s members  , K12schoolsindia aims at being a medium that  gathers  information and offers guidance and possible solutions ,through the expertise of those who have extensive  knowledge and experience in the field of education .


We seek ways not only to deliver information, but to gather information, and to allow for networking and information sharing. To be effective , one must have adequate and accurate information to lead to continuous adaptation to on-going dynamic environments.


This will give all the member schools immediate access to a valuable archive of information and strong network of experts committed to futhering  the purpose and collective goals of K12schoolsindia and it’s valued members , bringing all the members under one roof through a synergy of common goals and aims .