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Frequently Asked Questions

This section on FAQ or frequently asked questions , lends easy accessibility to answers that are just a click away .
A series of common questions and answers on varied topics will be displayed , related to schools and matters that affect the day to day functioning of schools .
Numerous questions are bound to be raised with the constant changes that have become a regular feature today in the field of education .
The list of questions most pertinent to our member schools will be answered by delving into the vast resources and expertise at hand .

The following questions were asked to and were answered by Mr. Vikram Sahay , Director , RTE , of the Union Human Resource Development Ministry.

Ques : Which schools come under RTE ? Can the state government send notices regarding implementation of of RTE to unaided minority schools?

All schools come under the purview of the RTE but , according to the Supreme court Judgement , none of the provisions of the Act should apply to unaided minority schools as the constitution guarantees them the freedom to run their own ins

Ques : Do Private schools ( Minority aided , Non-minority unaided ) need to comply with the RTE provision that says every school must accommodate students from it's neighborhood- those residing between 1 km of the institution ?

The neighborhood clause does not apply to any Unaided Private school. The provision applies to only state aided institutions.

Ques : one of the RTE provisions bans the use of Corporal punishment . Does the exemption of Unaided minority schools give them the liberty to use corporal punishment ?

The Unaided minority schools will not be able to use corporal punishment because there are other Central and State legislations which disallow use of physical and mental torture on students.

Ques : The RTE says no child should be held back till class VIII . Voices are being raised against the no-detention clause : How can the schools maintain discipline and their standards?

The schools that come under the RTE purview will have to do away with the pass-fail system because the policy of detention can't go together with the idea of protection of child rights . The state government and the schools will have to

Ques : The RTE mandates that every child should be able to access quality education . What is the Centre's stand about reimbursement of funds to schools which need to upgrade their infrastructure facilities ?

The centre will allot necessary funds . But the state government should also realize that it has a responsibility to implement the act properly and make arrangements for providing the funds.