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Complete school set-up

In the face of this ever changing educational landscape , establishing a new school or improving the operations of an existing one can seem like a herculean task .

K12schoolsindia has the expertize to help you with both . With years of experience in this field , our consultants have the knowledge to help you start and maximize your school’s performance to the highest standards.
We offer premier educational and management consultancy specializing in school formation , managing and supporting the development of private schools.
Our consortium of consultants can offer you advice on starting , operating , buying /selling , leading and improving existing schools. Since staring a school requires exceptional planning , preparation , experience and a commitment to clear vision , we offer you the advantage of experts who have a proven background in leading schools , experienced in the mechanics of school formation and can help founders be better prepared to start a school and manage costs and project development efficiently .
The organized approach offered by our experts is aimed at providing turn-key services.
We meet with you in person to better understand the type of school you want to start and further advice you on :
Your school’s :

  • Purpose and direction
  • Project Overview
  • Educational Program
  • Marketing and Admissions
  • Organizational Structure
  • Facility Needs
  • Budget
  • Action plan to move forward.

Please write in to us to set up a one-on-one appointment with our consultants to address your specific needs.