Alisha.Inamdar, December 12,2017

Source :Mirror

Research conducted across state says training needs to be provided for professionals to share electronic info that users need

A research study finds that the professionals working at the Savitribai Phule Pune University’s (SPPU) Jaykar Library are not information communication technology (ICT) literate. The survey, carried out in 17 state universities and on 147 library professionals, was conducted by Dr S Y Bansode, head of department of library and information science at the varsity, and Dr Rahul Viswe, ICT literacy specialist at the S K N Sinhagad School of Business Management.

According to the research, since the libraries are transforming into advanced information centres, the services and facilities being provided by them entirely depend on the ICT skills of the professionals working there. It further states that ICT literacy is essential among the professionals to perform day-to-day operations efficiently. The study also reveals that it has become very difficult for professionals to survive in the present era without ICT literacy. University libraries in the state are well-equipped with the ICT infrastructure and have procured various e-resources to cater to the electronic information that the users need. The professionals needs to play an intermediary role and the users are expected to communicate with the diverse group of people through email, websites, blogs and social media. However, most of the library staff attending to such needs lack the required knowledge.

Talking to Mirror, Bansode said, “We have 40 librarians at Jaykar Library, and not all are ICT literate. It has a huge scope to expand on digital platforms if the librarians are given more training on the grounds of technology. The present scenario is that one librarian knows about one thing and the other knows about something else. Everyone does not know about everything. The university already provides training to the staff, but there is a need to achieve higher goals.”

The research further reveals that 88.81 per cent of the professionals were literate in emails, followed by 75.37 per cent in social networking and 64.93 per cent in discussion groups. Literacy rate of blogging was at 32.09 per cent, whereas only 18 per cent of them knew social book marking. These professionals need to be wellversed with the set of technological skill required to manage the software application in the field of library, because the comprehensive knowledge of various software will lead to an effective execution on the computer-based information system.

Rahul added, “As of now, the staff is literate enough to handle day-to-day activities. But, more training is needed to make them more confident. To increase institutional repositories and digital libraries, the training in ICT is crucial.”

When contacted, Dr Sanjay Desale, who works as an assistant librarian at Jaykar Library, he said, “I disagree with the research. All the librarians are very comfortable with using computer software and other equipment. Yes, there is a scope for acquiring more knowledge.”

Meanwhile, Dr N S Umrani, pro-vice-chancellor, SPPU, informed, “I need to read the research work before commenting. However, there are a lot of initiatives the university is taking to expand the digital scope of the Jaykar Library.”

The research reveals that 88.81 per cent of the professionals were literate in emails