Sakal Times, December 06,2017

Source:  Sakal Times

Pune: Making the examination rules stricter to avoid untoward incidents during the board examinations, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has changed the rules regarding the timings for entry and exit from the examination hall from this year.

No student appearing for SSC or HSC Board examination will be allowed to enter the hall once the examination begins and cannot leave it before the stipulated exam time. Till now the students were allowed enter the hall half an hour prior to the examination that is at 10.30 am if the exam is at 11 am. Answer sheets were distributed at 10.40 am, and the question papers were given out 10 minutes before the exam, i.e. at 10.50 am.

Earlier, the students were allowed to enter the examination hall 30 minutes after the exam had begun, however, as per the new circular, the board would not allow entry to the hall once the exam has started.

The students must reach the hall at the given time or at the most, at 11 am.

“The decision was taken as we observed a few unwanted incidents that took place after allowing the students to enter the examination hall late. These kinds of incidents demoralise the honest and hardworking students and we think that making entry timings stricter will help to prevent such incidents,” Krishnakumar Patil, Secretary, MSBSHSE said.

The students will not be allowed to leave the examination hall before the end of the paper unless there is an emergency. Only in exceptional cases, they would be allowed to leave the hall, that too after submitting their question paper as well as answer sheet, he added.