Sakal Times, December 04,2017

Source:  Sakal Times

Pune: Education Minister Vinod Tawde directive for closure of 1,314 schools in the state owing to quality concerns has not gone down well with students’ organisations, which have condemned the decision. In Pune district, 76 Marathi schools would be shut if the decision is implemented. The Education Department has decided to shut 1,314 schools in the state where the number of students is 10 or fewer and shift the students and teachers to nearby schools.

Sandeep Akhade of Chhatrabharati said, “Deterioration of merit or quality of education is failure of the government. Shutting down the schools is not the solution. The students at these schools belong to the backward classes and may not even go to the schools where they have been shifted due to economic or geographical reasons. This might increase the dropout rate.” Akhade asked whether this step was taken following a scientific approach, or is it just a move to defame government-run schools.

Kalpesh Yadav, City President, Maharashtra Navnirman Vidyarthi Sena (MNVS) said the move has affected 76 Marathi medium schools in Pune district. “The government isn’t doing anything to promote and help Marathi schools. Actually, it should first act against the officials responsible for the high dropout rate and deteriorating quality of education, and then think about shutting down the schools,” Yadav said.

He added, “The government should reduce the workload on the teachers at government schools, as this will help improve quality of teaching and learning.”