Hemali Chhapia, October  12, 2017

Source: The Times of India

Mumbai : Mumbai: The 2018 version of the Maharashtra CET for admission to engineering courses may turn out to be more challenging than the nationwide Joint Entrance Test, mainly because students will get less time to answer it.

In the JEE exam, students can on an average take two minutes for each question in all three subjects, physics, chemistry and maths. It quizzes candidates on 30 questions and grants them 60 minutes. In contrast, the state’s CET cuts the time dramatically. Picture this: For physics and chemistry each question can only be allotted 54 seconds; there are 90 minutes to solve 100 questions. In case of maths, there are 50 questions and 90 minutes are allotted to solve them, giving students an average of 1.8 minutes to attempt each question.

Moreover, while there is only one paper for JEE (Main) with a mix of questions from physics, chemistry and maths, the state’s CET will have three papers for each subject. “Each subject in JEE carries a-third of the weightage.But in the CET, 100 marks are set aside for maths and physics and chemistry put together are a 100-mark paper,“ said a student. These issues will be raised with the DTE after the notification came out on October 4.

“If the difficulty level is the same as that of JEE, then it will be extremely challenging for students to attempt the JEE,“ said Subhash Joshi, director of Science Pariwar.The Directorate of Technical Education had also stated that the pattern of the papers would follow the one set by the CBSE for the JEE.

But the DTE’s notification is silent on curriculum students need to refer to for the competitive test. “Whether students need to refer to NCERT text books or the state Class XII books is unclear,“ added Joshi. The state government’s February 27 resolution stated that students need to prepare keeping the JEE in mind. The GR stated the pattern and difficulty levels would be the same as the JEE.

While class XI syllabus would also be tested upon, students say there is no scientific process followed in selecting topics for class XI. Topics not connected to the portion in class XII or those that have no particular relevance to the portion of class XII have been included in class XI. For instance, surface chemistry has been included while chemical kinetics in chemistry , required in class XII, has been deleted from the class XI syllabus to be studied for the CET.