ST CORRESPONDENT, October 09 , 2017

Source : Sakal Times

Pune : According to the GR, the education societies which In a recent GR, Ma- have more than 25 schools, harashtra State Education are allowed to organise pri-Department lifted the ban vote competitive tests for it had imposed on holding their student. If any organ-private competitive tests isation has designed exams in schools in the State. The that promote good reading, department has allowed personality development or schools/educational ‘whin- provide information about Lions to hold such examine- national heroes. and if this tons providing they fall un- organisation is a non-profit-der the conditions specified no-loss entity, it is permitted by the government. to hold competitive exams. In January 2017, the de- The tests conducted by partment had restrained State-level teachers’ organi-schools from holding these sations need to be designed tests, considering theamount by experts in the subjects. of pressure the students The organisations that went through answering the wish to conduct such tests school and other State-am need to submit a proposal to proved examination, the Director of Education Suvarna Kharat, Joint (Primary). Also, the GR states Secretary, said, “The mm- that the objective of the com-petitive tests organised by petitive tests needs to be in the State education depart- the interest of the students, ment are designed consider- and not to earn financial grac-ing the students’ age, Gass, its for the organisers. The fee mental capacity. curricu- structure of the examina-lum, etc. This might not be dons has to be mentioned. the case with private tests. In any case, the urgent-Also, many individuals, as sations mnnot force the stu-well as organisations, were dents to answer these tests, found to be conducting and if they are found doing such tests by charging em so, District Education OtG-tra amounts of fees. So, the cm (Secondary) can make a tests were banned. Howev- recommendation to Director er, following requests from of Education (Primary) to educational institutions, ban that organisation from we have decided to permit conducting the examination.