Piyush Sharma,October 09 , 2017

Source: The Times of India

In the aftermath of the murder of a Class II student at Ryan International School in Gurgaon on September 8, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an advisory to affiliate schools to have a tie-up with nearby hospitals to ensure timely treatment of students in case of any health emergency without delay in admission to emergency or trauma facilities.In the circular issued by CBSE chairman R K Chaturvedi to schools on October 4, the board has advised that the contact numbers of the hospital concerned should be prominently displayed on the school premises so that staff can easily contact the hospital in case of an emergency. CBSE schools are supposed to have medical facilities on campus, including a sick room, where students can rest in case of minor illness. These are equipped with first-aid kits and medicines for common health problems, and there should be trained nurses in attendance. CBSE guidelines also require monthly visits by doctors.

The circular was earlier issued on October 18, 2010, by then board chairman Vineet Joshi. “After the incident at Ryan International, the board has re-issued the cir cular and advised schools to implement it without delay.The board wants to provide the safest possible environment to students and to reassure parents that their children are in safe hands within the campus, and during school hours. Towards this end we are taking several steps regarding safety, form within the campus to transportation facilities outside,“ said Ramanand Chauhan, city coordinator of CBSE Agra. The board has also advised schools to keep at least one vehicle always ready to take students to hospital in case of emergency, and to inform guardians at the earliest, Chauhan added.

“It is a good step by CBSE.We have a tie-up with hospitals and doctors to get the best medical treatment for our students when required,“ said Puneet Vashishta, principal, GD Goenka Public School, Agra.