SwatiShindeGole, September 13, 2017

Source: The Times of India

Pune : Schools across the city have begun to ramp up their safety measures after the Gurugram incident where a minor was murdered recently .

The heads of many schools are ensuring that their entire campus is under close circuit camera coverage and issuing identification cards to every person entering the premises.

The Bishop’s School has requested parents to check if the photograph of the driver and the attendant of a private transport bus in which their ward is travelling is visible on the cellphone app and student information system.

Headmaster of The Bishop’s School, Camp, Christopher Gaynor, said, “We are ensuring that we have a foolproof security system. Every parent has access to the cellphone app of the school and we have told them to ensure that the particular driver and attendant’s photograph is visible in every student’s profile. If it is not visible then parents have to ensure that the driver and attendant report to school and get the identity updated.“

Gaynor added that every class teacher has access to the details of a student’s transportation and only authorized persons are allowed to pick up and drop the children.

At SM Choksey School, CCTV cameras are installed to keep watch. Principal Tanzila Menon said, “We are located in a busy area and most students stay in the vicinity . We do not have school buses but some students travel by contracted autorickshaws. We have ensured that the details of the drivers are with us. Besides, there is good security within the school’s premises.“

Rashmi Mahadik, principal of a government school, said, “As a safety precaution for the next few days, we are not allowing any unknown person on the school’s campus. The school is trying its best to maintain a safe environment.“

In many schools, the thrust is on installing CCTV cameras. While some schools acted proactively and installed them much earlier, schools have issued proposals to the mana gement to get the campus under surveillance.

Schools are stressing on electronic database and identification of every person entering the school. Some institutions have biometric system for parents for entering school campus. Many school princi pals said they remained in the school till the last child was sent home safely .

In a co-education system, schools have separate staircases for girls and boys. Washrooms are also separate and attendants keep an eye on the public areas on the campus.