Source : The Indian Express

EVEN AS the deadline for taking admissions in the Round I of CAP admissions for first year junior college (EYJC) came to a close on Thursday, 23,872 students of the 48,215 candidates who had been allotted admissions did not confirm their seats by Thursday evening, which was the deadline.

With thousands of students who had got admission to the fast college in their preference list yet to confirm their seats, officials announced that the deadline for Round of FYJC admission was being extended by one day.

Aspirants now have the chance of confirming their seats by Friday, July 14.12 pm, by reporting to the respective colleges allotted to them.

Colleges have been instructed to complete the FYJC admission work on priority basis by noon and inform the CAP committee about the list of vacant seats. Of the total number of allocations, 19,991 students had go the first preference college. It is mandatory for these students to confirm their admission or else they would go out of the entire admission process and would not be able to participate in further CAP rounds. Of these, 14,552 students confirms admissions while 5.439 students were yet to confirm their seats.

They now stand in danger of going out of the entire FYJC process if seats are not confirmed by Friday afternoon.

Dinkar Temkar, deputy director of education, Punt said that there would be no change in the further dates and the list of vacant seats for Round II would be declared by Friday evening as planned. “There could be a delay, it would likely be late but we don’t expect any change in the date” he said. According to figures shared by the CAP committee, of the 48,315 students who were given allotments to seats in Round L 23272 students confirmed their admissions while 261 allocations were rejected and 68 were cancelled. As many as 24,114 students have not reported to the college.


JULY 14: list of vacant seats at end of Round1 will be displayed.

JULY 15-18: students will have a chance to refill the preference form

JULY 20: The second merit list of CAP would be declared