Meeta Ramnani | 13 April 2017

Source: Sakal Times

Pune: Experts suggest that Std V, VIII and National Talent Search (NTS) exams are the only government organised exams that are important and children should not be forced to prepare for any other exams that are conducted by private organisations. Using your child’s summer time preparing for all other exams is not worth it.

“Unless your child enjoys the subject and has a natural inclination towards mathematics or science or languages, only then they should prepare for the other private exams,” said Durgesh Mangeshkar, Director IITP. 

Even footing 
There are career-oriented exams and academic-oriented exams and the career-based exams start only after Std X.
“The children who have participated in these exams and won medals have an advantage during the first month of the two-year long entrance preparation. After a month, they are in the same queue as the students who have not given these exams,” he said.

There is an undercurrent of competition among parents on which coaching classes does the child goes to, but that should not be the case. “In fact, the children who have enjoyed their play in childhood are the ones who learn to balance life and games and art even when they join an engineering college,” added Mangeshkar.

Homi Bhabha young scientist exams, Maharashtra Talent Search (MTS) and other debate and elocution exams are conducted by private associations and other organisations.

Vacation is for relaxation
The child has to play in summer vacations and unwind and not succumb to any pressure, especially of exams. Building friendships takes a back seat because of prioritising studies.

Paediatrician Dr Meera Singhal said, “Just for the sake of keeping him/her busy, the child should not be pushed into studies again. This comes back to the basic quote of ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. ”