Yogesh Sadhwani, March 17,2017

Source: Mirror

Constant rebuke at school plunges teenage daughter into depression and she even gets suicidal; man asked to pay `1 crore compensation for ignoring his children
It couldn’t get more ironic. Here is an educa tion baron -shuttling between his sprawl ing campuses in Pune, Mumbai and Sawantwadi, with a swanky bungalow in Hadapsar and a flat in Mumbai’s suburbs -who has failed to pay for the education of his own children. His daughter bore the worst brunt, fac ing relentless rebuke at school and even getting suicidal for want of fee money.The 46-year-old divorced educationist was recently asked by the Cantonment Court to pay a compensation of Rs 1 crore to his ex-wife, with the order saying that he was guilty of domestic violence and economic abuse for neglecting his children, despite being well-off and owning several educational institutes. The court, presided by a joint judicial magistrate (first class), observed, “Due to non-payment of fees, applicant No. 2 (the daughter) was put through tremendous embarrassment.She was subjected to mid-term termination, restriction from exams and detention in extracurricular activities. All this led applicant No.2 to suffer from severe and chronic depression, anxiety and occasional suicidal tendencies.The respondent (husband) has committed gross acts of domestic violence by refusing to pay the school fees of his own children (sic).“

With her ex-husband refusing to pay, the woman (also 46) somehow managed to eke out an education for their children, but was unable to foot the entire bill despite taking gold loans. Her daughter’s education suffered as her school stalled the school leaving certificate, passing certificate and marksheet. And in 2015, she even had to shift her son to another school.

They had got married in December 1996 and had two children thereafter -a son and a daughter. In April 2014, they got divorced and it was agreed between them in court back then that the husband would pay for the fees, advances, personal day-to-day expenses and all the educational costs of both the children.However, soon after the marriage was annulled, the education baron refused to pay for anything.

Not just that, he even sold off a flat in suburban Mumbai, which he had promised would be for the children. The court found that the lady had spent extensively on her children and other expenses over the years by taking loans against her gold ornaments.Terming this as “economic abuse“, the court held that the man “did not provide access to the resources or facilities“ which his children and ex-wife were entitled to use or enjoy by virtue of their domestic relationship.

“The consent terms (signed between the husband and wife at the time of divorce) clearly show that the respondent is earning well.He is well educated and has several properties of his own. He generates a good income from his properties as well as his business of running educational institutions. He has no dependents,“ the court observed in its order.

Based on these observations, on March 10, the court directed the educationist to pay Rs 1 crore as compensation to his ex-wife and children. It also ordered that he pay the Rs 2,052,100 amount that his ex-wife had incurred over the years for the upkeep of their children. The court asked him to reinvest the Rs 62 lakh he had received after selling the Mumbai flat as well as pay Rs 25,000 every month to his ex-wife as maintenance.