March 17,2017

Source: The Times of India

Pune : RTO Plan Aimed At Helping Kids In Emergencies

The Pune regional transport office (RTO) is planning a demonstration-cumtraining programme aimed to enhance the safety of children in case a school bus meets with an accident, catches fire or during other emergencies.Regional transport officer Babasaheb Ajari told TOI on Thursday that most school children as well as transporters have no idea about the steps needed to be taken in case of emergencies where quick evacuation is needed.

“The RTO has got a set of regulations on the requirements in buses ferrying school children. Yet, many transporters flout these norms.School buses need to have proper emergency exists but very few know how to open it and break the glass. This ignorance can lead to a chaotic situation and result in injuries.The RTO plans to introduce a training programme aimed at teaching students these basics,“ Ajri said.

More than 600 schools affi liated to various boards are in the Pune division.

“The training programme will be somewhat similar to the protocol followed in flights in case of emergencies. We will take help of other agencies like the police, the fire safety wing, schools and parent-teachers’ associations. While it is difficult for the RTO to go to each school, some institutions will be selected to give demonstrations,“ he said.

Videos of these demonst rations will be recorded and their copies will be sent to all schools so that the school administration can show them to the students. “Right now, schools are having examinations. We will think of a suitable date in the future to start the campaign,“ the official said.

On February 18, two people of a school bus -the driver and a woman attendant -had a close shave after a bus fell into a ditch along the NDA-Pashan Road.