Source: Sakal Times

Pune: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to discontinue 34 subjects from Std XII Board exams from 2017-18, as the number of students opting for those subjects has declined.

Out of these, 27 subjects belong to vocational courses. The board has also remodelled the assessment scheme of Class X Board exams for schools offering vocational subjects as compulsory subjects under National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF). 

The academic subjects that have been cancelled at the senior secondary level are Philosophy, Creative Writing and Translation Studies, Heritage Craft, Graphic Design, Human Rights and Gender Studies, Theatre Studies and Library and Information Science.

The cancelled vocational subjects include Poultry Nutrition and Physiology, Foundry Technology, Dairy Product Technology, Arts and Science of Makeup and Retail, Estimation in Civil Engineering, Secretarial Practise & Accounting, AC & Refrigeration – I and II, Ophthalmic Technology, Microbiology (MLT), First Aid and Emergency Medical Care, Bakery and Music Aesthetics and Production.

“Schools are advised not to offer these subjects at the Senior Secondary level from the session of 2017-18. However, the students pursuing these subjects currently in class XI shall continue with them in Class XII in the session 2017-18 and shall appear in the same subject in class XII examinations,” said Manoj Srivastava, Joint Secretary, CBSE.

For Std X, the examination from Academic Year 2017-18 and onwards would be conducted without the sixth vocational subject. For students with compulsory vocational subject appearing in Academic Year 2016-17, the existing assessment scheme would apply.

The remodelled assessment scheme, effective from year 2017-18, for Class X (under NSQF) includes assessment of scholastic area pertaining to Board Examination, Internal Assessment (for Periodic Test, Notebook submission and subject enrichment activities) for the first 5 subjects.

“Under Co-Scholastic activities, students opting for vocational subject shall be exempted from work education or pre-vocational activities, but assessment of Art education, Health and Physical education shall remain same,” said RK Chaturvedi, Chairman, CBSE.