Sakal Times | 14  May 2016

Source: Sakal Times

Pune: Parents of students studying in Sinhagad Spring Dale School are unhappy over the issue of the fees payment at school. The parents are protesting against the one-time payment of the fees.

“The fees right now is Rs 32,000 which we can pay, but we are just requesting the school that we can pay half amount now and the rest in October,” said Anil Mahajan, a member of Sinhgad Spring Dale Parents Assocation whose children are in Std V and X.  The parents are also agitating against the compulsion of paying only through DD. They are requesting for the option of payment via cheque. The parents also have to buy stationery only from one vendor in Uttamnagar, which becomes inconvenient. The 150 parents protesting on Friday, entered the school at 11 am and were there till 2 pm.

Another parent of a student studying in Std X, Jayshree Deshpande said, “This is harassment by the management. They are not even ready to discuss the issue.” She also said that School Principal Sheeta Sapkal asked them to submit a letter where their issues should be mentioned along with the parents’ salary slips.  “This is completely unacceptable, after salary slip, they will ask for our grocery bills. We can’t keep sharing personal information like that,” said Deshpande, another member.

Principal Sheetal Sapkal did not answer despite several calls. Maruti Navale, Founder and President of Sinhagad Institutes said, “Since I am in Delhi I am not aware of the protest, but as per my knowledge, a majority of the parents have paid the fees.”