April 04, 2016

Source: Sakal Times

As the admission season begins, Education Officer of PMC, BK Dahiphale interacts with Namrata Devikar about the soon-to-start admissions through RTE

When will the admission through RTE Start?

Tentatively from this week. I cannot assure you the exact dates, but parents can check the site from April 4.

How many students and schools participate from Pune? And why is the process delayed?

Parents with annual income of less than Rs one lakh can apply for RTE. Around 25 per cent students take admissions through RTE. There are 207 schools in Pune, which have RTE admissions for lower kindergarten and Class 1. Under the RTE, these schools provide two entry points for the students. In addition to this, these schools have to be in the radius of three kilometre from the residence of the child. So after fulfilling all these conditions and number of seats available for the students, only then the child is admitted to the school. It is a procedure that is carried out State-wide under which a large number of schools an covered and hence, the process takes time.

What measures has the PMC taken to spread awareness about RTE?

Under the PMC, we have conducted various work-shops where parents were guided about the website and the procedure. Also, corporators have conducted workshops In their respective wards to make parents aware about RTE. Parents should read the procedure and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the website properly to ease the form filling process. Also, they should keep a printout with them for future references.

There have been instances where parents have produced fake income certificates to avail admissions under RTE. What are the steps taken to tackle this?

We have initiated the self attestation for forms especially income related proofs. Anyone can challenge the authenticity Parents should understand their social responsibility and not Indulge in any wrong doings.