ST Correspondent | Saturday, 13 February 2016

Source: Sakal Times

PUNE: Now, all English medium schools in the city will have to get their fee structure approved from the Deputy Director of Education’s office before charging fees.

Deputy Director Ramchandra Jadhav informed Sakal Times that recently, parents of students from some city-based English medium schools had approached the Bombay High Court against the repeated fee hikes. Considering the repetitive complaints of the same, Jadhav has decided to put a check on the frequent increase in the fees.

“Considering the complaints related to the exorbitant fee hikes each year, from academic year 2016-17, English medium schools will get approval for fee structure from the office and then, charge the fees,” Jadhav said.

He also said that this will help to verify whether the schools are following the Fee Regulations Act.

According to Jadhav, schools have to get the approval by next fortnight so that they can charge the fees accordingly.

“A special camp will be organised by the education department to help get the approval soon without wasting time.

“Also, the parents won’t feel the heat of the exorbitant fee hikes by these schools who are increasing fees every year violating the norms laid by the government,” Jadhav added.

Recently, Jadhav also served a notice to a Camp-based school for not distributing report cards as these students have not paid the fees.

Jadhav said, “The school is not giving report cards to the students as they have not paid the fees. According to the Right To Education Act, 2009, this is not allowed and the school may face legal action for violation of this act.

“In our notice, we have asked the school to distribute report cards to the students without harassing the students and parents.”