Pallavi Smart,Feb 26 2015

Source: Mirror

City school gets a thumbs-up from state education department as well as parents, sets rare example for others
At a time when city schools are mired in controversy over en try-level interviews for admis sion, the DAV Public School in Aundh has got a thumbsup from the education department for introducing a lottery system to ensure a fair process.The lottery, which was conducted last week, resulted in the admission of over 250 students for nursery and Junior KG sections. Principal C V Madhavi said, “We initiated this process to avoid any malpractice in the admission process. We believe that this system will give a fair chance to all applicants. We had to conduct the lottery as the applications we received were much more than the available seats.“

The school began its admission process last December. Free application forms were issued to candidates; then a lottery date was declared which required all parents’ presence. “We wanted to conduct the lottery in front of them to ensure transparency. All applicants’ names were put in a box and they were taken out in front of the parents. A total of 100 students got admission in the nursery section and 160 in the Junior KG section. After the lottery, dates were given for parents to complete the admission process. For Junior KG admissions, two lottery rounds were held as all the seats had not been filled in the first round,“ added Madhavi. A separate lottery was conducted for sibling admissions, that is, for those whose elder children are already studying in DAV.

Parents were all praise for the new process. Malhar Kurkute, a businessman from Baner whose son got admitted to the Junior KG section through this process, said, “My daughter is already studying in this school. I can definitely vouch for the fact that the new system was far more hassle-free than the one at the time we were trying for my daughter’s admission eight years ago. Back then, it was a very tedious process, with tests for children fol lowed by parent interviews. But, the process was very smooth for my son.“

Anchal Chandorkar, another parent whose son got admitted to the nursery section, said, “This lottery system definitely helped as no parent felt discriminated. The process was transparent as it happened in front of our eyes. Everybody was given a fair chance.“ Madhavi also stressed how convenient the whole process has become with the introduction of the lottery system. “Earlier, parents used to stand in long queues and wait till late hours for the admission list to get declared. With this process, all this tension can be avoided,“ she said.

Govind Nandede, assistant director of the state education department, appreciated the school’s initiative, saying, “The lottery ensures transparency.Further, it leaves no room for any allegations by parents later as the process has happened in front of them.“