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RTO penalises scores of unsafe school vehicles

Posted on November 6th, 2017 in Transportation |

Alisha Inamdar,November 06,2017

Source: Mirror

Test drive found many school bus, private van drivers sans proper documents, as well as violating carrying capacity norms
In a development bound to make guardians of school-going chil dren sit up and take notice, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) -in a test drive over two days that checked on 350 vehicles -cracked down on a number of school transport vehicles, including private school vans. In total, 75 vehicles were taken under scrutiny and 52 were seized for violating basic norms, while fines amounting to Rs 1,23,300 were collected.A number of school transport vehicles were found not possessing the necessary documents or contracts provided by schools; several drivers were also found without valid licences or documents of proof. Read the rest of this entry »

Students travel to school seated atop CNG cylinders

Posted on November 1st, 2017 in Transportation |

Joy Sengupta & Swati Shinde Gole,November 01,2017

Source: The Times of India

Pune :RTO Promises To Carry Out Surprise Checks

Cabs used as school vans are putting lives of children at risk as they are being modified to accommodate more students, who are often forced to seat on benches fitted atop CNG cylinders. Generally these cabs have the capacity to carry 6-8 people but pack in around 16 students. Read the rest of this entry »

School bus-tracking apps find favour with concerned parents

Posted on September 25th, 2017 in Transportation |

SwatiShindeGole,  September 25, 2017

Source: The Times of India

Pune : The recent spate of reports about children being attacked on the school premises or on school buses, has resulted in parents and schools going the extra mile to protect children.

Mobile applications that deliver services like school bus tracking, route deviation alert, SMS on pick up and drop, driverattendant verification details, etc. have gained in popularity among school authorities as well as concerned parents. Read the rest of this entry »

Schools dial­in to ‘Police Kaka’

Posted on September 20th, 2017 in Child Protection, Transportation |

Shalaka Shinde, September 20, 2017

Source: Hindustan Times

Principals and teachers of over 700 schools and colleges were present at the awareness programme

Unauthorised vehicles transporting children to schools need to stop plying on roads. RASHMI SHUKLA, police commissioner

PUNE: In the light of the recent incident at the Ryan International School in Gurugram, principals and teachers from over 700 schools were, on Tuesday, instructed about the necessary steps which they have to take to ensure security of students. The Pune police organised the awareness programme regarding the recently launched initiative of ‘Police Kaka’. Read the rest of this entry »

St Mary’s puts new campus security measures in place for children’s safety

Posted on September 14th, 2017 in Child Protection, Transportation |

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, September 14, 2017

Source: The Times of India

Pune : St Mary’s School, located in Camp, has issued a slew of measures to strengthen the existing security system on its campus.

Schools across the country have been forced to review and bolster their security measures following shocking incidents of students dying due to negligence, being abused and even killed on campuses.

One major step initiated by St Mary’s makes it mandatory for female attendants to pick up students from the campus, and accompany them on private school buses. Read the rest of this entry »

RTO campaigns for parental checks on kids’ school vehicles

Posted on August 26th, 2017 in Transportation |

Joy Sengupta,  Aug 25, 2017

Source: The Times of India

Pune : In the wake of Wednesday’s incident in which a school van ferrying students suddenly caught fire, the Pune regional transport office (RTO) has adopted a new slogan -“Jaago Paalak (guardian) Jaago“.

It appeals to parents to check the quality of the vehicles, in which their children travel every day . Read the rest of this entry »

Addressing issues related to school transport is our priority, says Ajri

Posted on August 7th, 2017 in Child Protection, Transportation |

Sushant Ranjan, Aug 06 2017

Source : Sakal Times

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Pune, Balasaheb Ajri’s focus has been on improving transport facilities for school children ever since he has taken over the reins of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) Pune. He spoke to Sushant Ranjan about various issues.

What initiatives has the RTO taken for the safety of school children as they commute in overloaded autorickshaws and vans?
The two approved modes of transport are school buses and school vans. Read the rest of this entry »

Schools must ensure safety of all children

Posted on August 3rd, 2017 in Transportation |

Aug 03 2017

Source: The Times of India

Police commissioner Rashmi Shukla, in her weekly Q&A column in TOI, also pledges to sort out the traffic chaos in Baner soon

Q. I’m scared whenever my daughter takes the van to school. I have even stopped her from playing in the park during the evenings without my direct supervision. Can the police do something to allay parents’ fears? We fear for our children’s safety. (Sulekha Sharma, Wagholi) Read the rest of this entry »

Workshop for school bus drivers held

Posted on July 24th, 2017 in Transportation |

Sushant Ranjan, 23 July 2017

Source : Sakal Times

Pune: “Drivers and conductors should learn how to evacuate children from vans during an emergency. Safety of school children is the priority of the transport department,” said Dr Pravin Gedam, State Transport Commissioner, on Saturday, at an event organised by Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO).

The workshop for school bus drivers and conductors was organised at
Pt Bhimsen Joshi Auditorium, Aundh. The workshop was organised with the help of Rotary Club of Middle Town and school bus association.  Read the rest of this entry »

RTO to hold workshop for school bus drivers

Posted on July 21st, 2017 in Transportation |

ST Correspondent, 21 July 2017

Source : Sakal Times

Pune: The Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) will be organising a workshop to teach school vehicle drivers about the emergency evacu­ation of children on July 22.

Balasaheb Ajri, Region­al Transport Officer, on Wednesday, said, “We want to check how safe the vehi­cles are. The RTO is partic­ularly concerned about the presence of fire extinguish­ers. Drivers and attendants will be provided with basic training on how to react to an emergency and ways to evacuate students. It is im­portant that they know how to use the fire extinguish­ers.” Read the rest of this entry »